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Baby = Chaotic

Being a new mother is by far the most rewarding yet challenging job I've ever had. From feedings to diaper changes to constantly washing and folding clothes, I feel as though my job is never done. I've watched TV shows where the new moms looked a hot mess and their homes were even crazier- I promised myself that would never be me: I was in for a rude awakening. Once my daughter arrived, I literally could not do anything other than take care of her for those 8 sometimes 12 hours that her father was at work. Let's just say my little home definitely became the definition of chaotic with absolutely no couture in sight!!! Finally, I got tired of tripping over boxes of diapers and bottles of baby oil and allowed my inner Clarion to shine through. With it being that when she was first born, I had still had a month left to my lease in my very cramped 1 bedroom apartment, I had to literally organize her stuff in a corner. I purchased 2 of those plastic 3-drawer containers from Target. Each drawer contained different items. With it being that she wasn't going to use any of her 3+ month’s clothes for another few months, those items we received from family and friends were kept folded in boxes and bags and tucked neatly in the top of the closet or under the bed. All of her newborn onesie were in the first drawer. Her hats, mittens, and socks were in the second drawer. My idea was to put everything she used on the daily basis in the first drawer or two for convenience- that is by far the most important thing after a baby- CONVENIENCE- you literally do not have time to eat. And the last thing you want to do is have to frantically search for anything while a baby is screaming at the top of their lungs... TRUST ME!!! Her other drawers were used for burping clothes, bibs, receiving blankets, and towels. As difficult as it really is to stay organized once the baby arrives, the biggest thing is to capitalize on any and every "downtime" minute (my daughter is almost 3 months and I'm searching for this downtime I keep hearing about) you get when the baby is resting or with the other parent. Maximize on any free space you have in your home because their little things slowly but surely begin to take over. My biggest advice for new mommies and daddies when it comes to staying organized with a new baby is to organize for timeliness and convenience. If you're like me, clutter will frustrate you but as long as you create a system that works for you and baby, you will do just fine...

By: Megan Rivers

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