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Rocking Jewelry Your Way

As a little girl dressing up always included mommy’s high heels, long pearls, and big earrings. If she was nice, maybe a little lipstick. Wearing jewelry is just natural for most women,regardless of if it’s simple studs or just a necklace, it’s a part of a woman’s daily routine. Then there is the question every woman has, how do I wear this necklace? Should I only wear this earring with up-dos? Too many rings or not enough rings? My answer to all of these question is just be YOU! What makes an outfit fashionable is how you own it. Accessories can take any“Plain Jane” dress or skirt to another level.Wearing pieces that take the attention of your ensemble is oneway of making your fashion pop. In the jewelry world you will sometimes hear us call a necklace “a statement piece”. That simply means a necklace that takes the attention of the outfit. A statement piece can be silver, gold, pearls, or anything that brings focus to the neckline. Earrings can also make an outfit or a hairstyle have personality. Choosing between stud earrings, chandlers, or an ear cuff makes a difference in the look you may be going for that day. We cannot forget about bracelets, rings, anklets, and body chains, all of these things help speak your style. I believe a message many people miss is being you in fashion. You make the fashion, the fashion cannot make you. It’s easy to mirror what you see on TV, but if you take what you see on TV and mold it into your style, you’ll see the difference in how you carry yourself and the confidence you have. Throwing on 5-8 bracelets for arm candy can easily help you have a sense of confidence as a body chain in a swimsuit. Just OWN it. Do you & Be you!Fashion is all about being yourself and having the confidence to rock it your way, accessorizing is a part of what you’re speaking in your fashion. DARE to be different!

By: Keshia Hall

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