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Rising Entrepreneurs & Bloggers:

It's a Gift and a Curse; Freezing TIME!

Mr. Charles E. Gandy Jr. began taking pictures about 4 years ago because he saw the opportunity to freeze time. With the power to freeze time in his  hands, he can capture life's moments quickly, and they will have a special meaning for generations and generations. Mr. Gandy Jr. says, "Good or bad, every moment in life is embedded into our memory. No matter how many years go by, you can look back at one single picture and reminisce on all the moments you have shared."


PHreezePHrameProductions website coming soon!!!!!!


"Freezing The Best Moments, One Frame At A Time."
Mr. Charles E. Gandy Jr.
Photographer, PHilanthropist

Tawana Barron: Wife, mother of two, educator, and wellness coach are just a couple of titles that describe her best. She is all about educating others whether it is in the classroom or in the gym! After being an educator for six years her goal now is to help others achieve weight loss goals and financial freedom!


Click Tawana's picture to find out about "IT WORKS" and start on your path to achieving weight loss.

Please click Next Step logo to go to the website.

This is The New Talented Tenth. Here you will find podcasts of the thoughts and opinions of The Tenth on topics including but not limited to; news, music, politics, money, religion, and love. We hope that our discussion entertains and intrigues you. Please leave any comments or questions under the posts. Happy listening. Please click the photo to go to The New Talented Tenth website.


Reshawne Bowers is a Personal Trainer and Consultant who specializes in weight loss, muscular strength, and endurance through resistance training, circuit training, and cardiovascular activity. Reshawne has always been quite the athletic individual.

For training inquires please click on the ClearCut Training Logo.



"To provide a better quality of life to all ages by enhancing individuals bodies physical and mentally; as well as educating nutritionally."




ClearCutTraining is a training company which has the intent to help individuals reach their fitness goals by enhancing the cardiovascular & respiratory system, increasing muscular strength & endurance, and providing diet & nutritional awareness.

This blog is dedicated to women who are trying to figure out their own personal style. Miya's hope is  that her blog will serve as inspiration for others. This blog caters to women who are on a budget. Miya's pieces are very inexpensive but still chic and cute! Hope you enjoy! Follow Miya on Instagram  @miyathebee87 and click her picture to go straight to her blog.

Miya the Bee Fashion Blog

Where fashion and style meet!

Click image to go to VonClar International website.

THE ESSENCE OF...... loving the inside, styling the outside

Here at The Essence Of... you can get the scoop on all things woman: Life, Style and Beauty! The Essence Of... is unique because it not only gives you the in on haute trends and makeup must-haves, but it encourages you to first find your beauty within. I’ve come to realize that once we discover who we really are and fall in unconditional love with ourselves, styling the outside is a breeze! As girls we have to stick together and help each other out, and The Essence my way of doing my part.

Click the photo of Essence and go straight to her blog.

DJTM provides the best in music and lighting to your events. Make your event the talk of the year with our numerous options to fit all budgets with DJs well versed in all styles of music.

Click DJTM's above logo and go right to the DJTM website.

Meet Erica Willis and Victoria Walker "The Juice Ladies". they are on a mission to educate and promote the benefits of juicing, blending and infusing. They are committed to Empowering, Motivating and Encouraging health and fitness. They are a mobile juicing business that currently serves DC, MD, & VA.

Click the Eevi Juices logo to go right to their website.



Click here to go to the Bag Junki website to check out custom, handcrafted handbags and dope fashions.

All Things Beautiful & Positive Tumblr



Young Gifted Blacks










JayDid Work Photography is located in Atlanta, Georgia, owned by photographer and marketer Portia Jay. She specializes in fashion, entertainment and portrait work with a team of skilled stylist, make up artist and hair stylist at her side.

Click here to go to the JayDid Work website.  

Trunk of Charms is an online accessory store focusing on fashion forward, unique jewelry that keeps our customers "shining" from head to toe. We promise to make your shopping experience fun, easy, and convenient. Trunk of Charms is that company that DARES you to be different!

Click Trunk of Charms Logo to be directed to the Trunk of Charms website.

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