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About Us

Chaos2Couture, stemmed from Clarion's hobby of organizing closets and hearing her friends complain about their closets or the lack there of. She's gone from having a walk-in closet to having an almost non-existing closet. There are so many ways to hang and store you couture without having chaos all over your room. Chaos2Couture provides personal closet consultant services, organizing tips, closet & storage ideas and a breakdown of different types of closets. Chaos2Couture will currently be servicing the DMV area (DC, Maryland, & Virgina).


Chaos2Couture will help you tailor your needs and desires into your dream closet. This website  features a look-book which contains photos of closets Clarion has organized & photos pulled from mutliple sources (Google, Pintrest, Instagram, etc.) of different closets to help you see the potential your closet really has no matter the size. What type of closet do you have? Chaos2Couture also defines and illustrates different closets. As Chaos2Couture progresses "How To" and "My Project" videos will be posted on the site.


Now that you know what Chaos2Couture is about and if you are ready to have your closet tailored click on "Schedule Now" for your free consultation and see pricing details today.







The owner of Chaos2Couture, Clarion, has always been a supporter of her family and friends different business ventures, organizations, and blogs....and that is evident in her Chaos2Couture website. Check out the "Closet Spotlight" where she features different business ventures from photographers, financial consultants, educators, trainers, etc. & bloggers who focus on life styles, fashions, politics, etc. Please check out our rising entrepreneurs and bloggers & if they spark your interest support their different ventures.




"Mr. Big: Should we get you a diamond?

Carrie Bradshaw: NO, NO, just get me a really big closet" - Sex & the City 2



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